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in5 Broadcast provides live web and on-demand streaming on all platforms. Using broadcast quality encoders and the world’s most trusted content delivery networks.

We at in5 take the black art out of web streaming, we offer a complete presentation package that includes event planning, on site encoding, satellite connectivity & website management.

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BT Tower / ITN MCR

in5 Broadcast has combined the reach of the Internet with the needs of public and private sectors, including financial, entertainment, educational, governmental, medical and pharmaceutical with cost-effective web-based broadcasting.

in5 web-casting is a scaleable based application providing streaming media broadcast solutions to a rapidly expanding market.

Today, through our web-casting technology and network infrastructure assist in delivering audio, video, PowerPoint material in both live or on demand environments, enhanced with interactive Q&A sessions and audience polling, with a large range of viewer statistics and reporting.

Our experience has been successfully implemented within marketing, communications, executive, sales, training, public relations, and investor relations departments.

These users have found consistent and measurable results that demonstrate the efficiencies and advantages of web-based broadcasting.

What ever your requirements we can provide a turnkey solution.

From multi viewers from 10 to 100,000 web-streamed globally or  point to point feed into your conference or seminar or a turn around feed to BT Tower or ITN for TV broadcast.


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