in5 Broadcast Facilities

Outside Broadcast Facilities

Unit A   The veratile Outside Broadcast unit - Tek Spec

Unit A has been fitted with fibre optic connectivity for camera control via BlueBel and Blackmagic

Panasonic HS 400 with options


This multi purpose vehicle has had a major re-fit with Ultra 4k  equipment, Blackmagic Design fibre optic and for live connectivity Ka-Band satellite, this new production unit is self contained and able to carry three personnel and all associated equipment.

Unit A only requires a 13amp domestic power supply or for more remote locations we have on board Honda 3KVa generator with a powerful UPS incase of power failure. All the equipment is totally portable and contained in two light weight 19 inch flight cases that can be taken into the venue.

* Dawson Ka-Band GC Zero 70K self pointing satellite up-link

* Tooway Fly a Way News spotter Ka-Band system with redundancy

* SXT point to point data microwave system

* Swit S-4914 video wireless HD-SDI TX system

* Cat5 over fibre system

* LNB off air and WIFI system available

* Quicklink Live LNG encoder

* Digital Rapids HD TouchStream encoder

* Apple Mac with Quicklink encoder software

* 2 x Panasonic HPX series cameras with RCPs or BMD Ursa Mini 4k

* 2 x Vinten vision 250 tripods with rolling bases

* Panasonic HS 400 vision mixer with DVI options

* Blackmagic ATEM studio 4K vision mixer

* Blackmagic Smart Hub 6k 20 x 20 sdi matrix

* Blackmagic Duo scope waveform & vector scope

* 2 x AJA Ki-Pro recorders

* 4 x Blackmagic Hyperdeck SSD recorders

* 2 x Blackmagic Terranex 2D converters

* 2 x Blackmagic Atem studio fibre converters

* 6 channels of ATEM Blackmagic fibre camera converters

* AppleMac with final Cut Pro software & Playback Pro plus licence

* 4 x Mil Tak 4 fibre optic camera cables 150 meter

* 2 x Mil Tak 4 fibre optic camera cables 300 meter

* 2 x prospect C6 - 4/wire talkback units

* Prospect 12 channel 4/wire matrix

* Stonewood 2/wire takback unit with 10 belt packs

* 5 x Pelta noise cancelling headsets

* Comrex portable 2USB 4/wire over 3/4G

* 16 channel Mackie audio mixer

* Prospect CMU21 commentators unit with lip mics

* Glensound PPM unit with audio distribution

* 2 x Glensound GSM units

* 2 x Sonifex TBUs

* 2 x DB technologies IEM 100T radio in ear monitoring IFB

* SQN 4s portable audio mixer

* 2 x lapel radio microphones 1 x radio hand microphone

* 2 x Sennheiser 416 with rycote & poles

* 2 x LED light panels & dedo lighting kit

* Camos 40cm self seeking satellite receiver TVRO

* Honda 3KVa portable generator

Lots more additional equipment available.

Unit A carries Panasonic HPX 3000 or BMD Ursa 4k cameras with 20:1 and standard lenses, RCPs and Vinten 250 tripods


Unit A Specification